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MULTI CH U'Bina du Val du Morakopf

shorthaired female

Bina at 6 years

shorthaired; HD A
de Saint Lienard

shorthaired; HD A
Emberg de font
buis de la Chenaie

longhaired, HD A
Daphne de L'esperance
du val
du Morakopf

longhaired; HD B
Diablo des Coteaux

Elisa du Haut Rabutin
du Cheteau Robert

longhaired; HD A
de la Tomiere

Dorf dit Damien
de font Buis
de la Chenaie

It's me
shorthaired; HD B
du Chateau

longhaired; HD B
du val de la Tomiere

Iris des Coteaux Lauragais

Born: 23. 04. 2003, short hair saint bernard, 78 cm, 67 kg
HD A; ED 0

* ChJ Slo - Slovenian Junior Champion
* ChJ Au - Austrian Junior Champion
* Ch BiH - Champion of Bosnia
* Ch L - Champion of Luxembourg
* Ch Slo - Champion of Slovenia
* Ch Cro - Champion of Croatia
* Ch INT - International Champion
* Ch Au - Austrian Champion

* Ch Cz - Czech Champion
open: champion of Hungary, Slovakia

6 x BEST JUNIOR, 2 x rCAC, 29 x CAC, 1 x rCACIB, 15 x CACIB, 28 x BOB
2 x rBOG
1 x BOG III (3. place in second FCI group)
2 x BOG 5

Club winner in Slovenia for year 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010
Club winner for year 2005 in Croatia
Club winner for year 2007 in Czech Republik
Vice-world winner 2009

Austrian Show Winner 2006

COMPETITIONS in obedience >>


Bina in April 2015 (12 years)

Bina at 11,5 years

Bina in October 2013 (age 10,5 years)

Bina (and Daja) in March 2013

Bina in August 2010

Bina in June 2009

Bina is teaching Daja all kind of stupid things :)

Bina at almost 6 years

Bina (her real name is Ubina du val du Morakopf) is one of first short hair saint bernards in Slovenia.
Bina is our first but not last saint bernard. With her we are realizing, what character saint bernards have, how little you need, to make Bina happy, how to awoid saliva…

Before I bought Bina, I know that she will go to a dog school, because she is soooo big. But in that time I didn't think that I will teach Bina for exam B-BH and for tracking (I make a certain number of steps and she has to find the track and different number of objects. The track is different old – from 20 minutes to 45 minutes)
In autumn 2003 (at age 5 months) I signed Bina in a dog school KD Bled-Lesce . There she was learning first orders with other (smaller) dogs. She was very successful and surprising motivated. The best motivation for other dogs was a toy, for Bina was food. But the most important was, that I found a motivation for her.
Because of her calm character, I had at least problems with her ( if I was compering her with other dogs in dog school). Bina was still laying, when other dogs were standing up… The only difference was that Bina needed more time to learn new exercise. She needs repeating and repeating.
Well, we finished dog school on 2. place with 98 point (of 100).
I was really happy, that Bina was so successful in a dog school. That's why we continued with learning. In spring 2004 (at age 11 months) we were again in dog school with intention of making exam A. First, I had lots of problems with her, because she was agresive to other dogs and because she didn't want to learn. I almost despaired. But Joži and Tone (teachers in KD Bled-Lesce) helped me to solve all problems.
Slowly she started to enjoy learning and playing with me. And a dog school again became funny and pleasure.
In july 2004 we successfully made exam A with 91 point (of 100), which is a great success for a saint bernard.

Exam A has next exercises:
- walking beside me with turns: left, right, around and sit;
- walking through the group of people;
- recall;
- laying, while other dog in working (the owner is 10 meters away).

Bina at age 1 year

Age 18 months
In may I have already decided, that I will continue with learning and that Bina will make exam B-BH , too. This exam is heavier that exam A. It has similar exercises like exam A, but it has some more exercises: walking beside without halter, walking through the city (meeting with bikers, runers, other people, other dogs, nose…) and the owners of dog must write a test (30 questions about dog's healt, behavior…). The exam we had 13.11.2004.

Age 22 months

almost 3 years

Bina at proffesional photograph

Bina in March 2007 (almost 4 years old)

Bina 6 years old (April 2009)


Together with learning for exam B-BH, Bina and I started with tracking . We are still beginners, but I can say that Bina is very good regarding that she is a saint bernard. Tracking is usually for working dogs (german shepards, dobermans, boxers…)

showing an object

With Bina I started visiting dog shows. Bero visited 4 dog shows, but he was making me big problems, so we stoped wisiting dog shows. Bero was my "body guard" => he had to be always beside me. And if I went somewhere, he start barking.
I don't have this kind of problems with Bina. She enjoys dog shows. She sleeps almost all time.
Bina has really nice character. She is not a hause guardian - she doesn't bark. She is happy, when people come to visit us. She lives with one rabbit (Bobby) . Usually they sleep together on bet.


What is this?!?!
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