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Obedience Exam "A" (Passed with 90 %) - 22 .11. 2008
Obedience Exam "B-BH" (Passed with 84 %)-25.06.2009


Final competition for national champion (KD Fido Hrušica), 03.10.2009:
Agility: 30 penalties because time + 5 penalties, Jumping: disq

movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hC63-_KlVo0

author: Igor Ivanović

autor: Igor Ivanović

4fun competition (KD Duplica), 16.08.2009:
Agility: 35 penalties, Jumping: disq

4fun competition (KD Barje), 23.08.2009:
Agility: disq, Jumping: /



When my Bina was around 5 months old, we started to visit dog school "Kd Bled-Lesce". At that time I had no idea, that I will fell so deep in cynology and dog training... With Bina I successfully finished puppy class, later we made exam A and 3 months later also exam B-BH. Normally, this would be end of training for a saint bernard, but not for me and Bina... few months we were training also tracking and later obedience... But in September 2007 we start training Rally obedience (RO) in Kranj. For now we successfully finished RO I and RO II.

But finish a school or make an exam is not enough for me. The real chalange are competitions. I know, that you can't compare a slowely saint bernard with fasters dogs, but I really don't care. My goal is to finish a competition, to make everything with no mistakes, that my dog is enjoying while working... I don't care if I'm first or last (that's why my competitions are not always clean and without mistakes ).

Till now we passed these exams and competitons:


Obedience Exam "A" (Passed with 91 %) - 24 .6. 2004
Obedience Exam "B-BH" (Passed with 90 %)-13. 11. 2004

Regional competition (Trbovlje) 17.06.2006: 7. place (89 %)

6. national competition in rally obedience
(Ljubljana); 21.10.2007; RO I;
13th place (62 points from 75)
We successfully passed exam Rally obedience I

A short movie from our competition you can see here

My comments: this was first competiton for me and for Bina. And of course I was too nervouse. That's why Bina was not doing as good as she knows. Despite of this we will continue with rally.

2. national competition in rally obedience
(Ljubljana); 25.05.2008; RO I;
18th place (121 points from 150)
With this competition we fulfil all conditions and next time we can start in RO II

A short movie from our competition you can see here

My comments: we didn't have much luck this year. Bina had a few small healt problems and she had to rest a lot. That's why she had less trainings and less walks. On the day of competiton, it wasn't so hot (only a little more then 25 degrees), but it was much stifling. And all these showed on Bina's wish to work... but I know that she knows better and I'm sure we will show this in September .

4. national competition in rally obedience (Ložnica pri Žalcu); 15.06.2008; RO I;
9th place (137 points from 150)

Sorry, no movie (my camerman had some problems )

My comments: as I wrote last time, Bina didn't have much luck this year... 2 days after 2. competition she had one small operation and at that time I knew, we can't go to 3. and to 4. competiton. But this time we had a little luck. We removed Bina's stiches on day when was last deadline for this competition. When I saw that it won't be very hot and sunny, I decided to go to this competition (I didn't care, that Bina was without training for more then 2 weeks). Bina was this time a little better, but she was still very slowly. I still know she knows better.
This was last competiton till September.

7. national (final) competition in rally obedience (Ljubljana ); 12.10.2008; RO I;
5th place !!!!! (137 points from 150)

A short movie from our competition you can see here


My comments: I don't know what more to add :) This was the best results ever for me and Bina! Few days after competition, I still can't belive that we really did it! I sent entry to this competition just a few houres before deadline (after the last practice) with not the best feeling... week-end started really horrible... and at the end I saw that start for Rally Obedience I is at 1 p.m.! I like competitions in autumn, because it's not hot any more.. but on Sunday was really too hot for October (and we could see this on dogs)... well, it looks October is not any more only rain and cold...
If the whole season this year was not brilliant (we could participate only on 3 competitions of 7), the end was fantastic! Mayby because I promised Bina that this competition was the last one for her :-)

16.11.2008 (Lesce)
We successfully passed exam Rally obedience II
Bravo my girl!

I hope Daja will be as much successful as her mother Bina. Right now I think she could be even better... but time will show everything...


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