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YEAR 2009

WORLD DOG SHOW Bratislava (Slovakia); 10.10.2009; judge Otokar Vondrouš (Czech Republik) for shorthaired and Irving Ronnie (Great Britain) for longhaired
- Tyronica Born for Winning (Otik): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, WORLD WINNER 2009 and CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA!!
- Ubina du val du Morakopf (Bina): excellent 1, CAC, rCACIB, VICE WORLD WINNER 2009 and CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA!!
- Daja Bina's Joy od Strazcu Hor (Daja): excellent 1, CAC;
- Dallas: excellent 1, CAC
- Diggy: excellent 3;
- Dixie: excellent 3


Bina during judging

Way to go, my girl :)

Daja during judging

Daja winning CAC in intermedia class

Dallas as winner in intermedia class


Cacib Celje, Slovenia (26.09.2009): judge Lisbeth Mach (Swiss)
-Dallas: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB;
- Diggy: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB;
- Don: excellent;
- Daja: very good

Diggy (left) got CAC -CACIB - BOB & Ch. Bernegarden´s Philadelphia (right) CAC, CACIB

Dallas got CAC, CACIB and BOB

Cacib Oberwart, Austria(19.7.2009): judge: Dušan Šaunovič (SCG)
-Daja: excellent 1, CACa, rCACIB


WUSB 2009, Swiss (13.6.2009); judges: Hans Roland (Swiss) Christian Tessier (France)
- Daja: excellent 3 (in intermedia class were 9 females)
- Don: very good 3 (in intermdia class were 5 dogs); judges: Jan van der Belt (Holland) and Austin Long-Doyle (Irland)

Daja excellent 3 in intermedia class

Camilla (left on picture) surprised everybody and become WUSB WINNER 2009!! She repeated successfull from his father Otik (Tyronica Born for Winning), who got same title 2 years ago!


NATIONAL SHOW Maribor, Slovenia
(19.04.2009); judge: Alenka Černe (Slovenia):
- Daja: excellent 1, CAC, BOB ;

Some shows we are visiting, becoming more and more traditionals. One of that show is Club show in Czech. Right now 4 puppies after my Bina are living in Czech (Otik, Dixie, Diggy and Dallas) and some grandchildrens (offspring of Otik). And this year we've met many of them! On show was a record number of saints (65 saints; 32 shorthaired and 33 longhaired!!). Judge was president of French club for saint bernards, Christine Lafay (France).

CLUB SHOW (Czech); 29.03.2008; judge: Christine Lafay (France):
- Bina: exc. 1, CAC; she fulfil all conditions to become CZECH CHAMPION !! (in class were 3 dogs)
- Daja Bina's Joy od Strážců hor (Daja): exc. 1, JUNIOR CLUB WINNER 2009 (7 dogs in class!!);
- Tyronica Born for Winning (Otik): exc. 1, CAC, club winner, BOB , rBIS !!!
- couple Dallas - Daja: 2. place (from 6 couples)

Bina: exc. 1, CAC

Bina: what she didn't do last year, she did this year!! Good work, my girl!! :)

Daja: exc. 1, junior best


Otik: cac, club winner, BOB, rBIS

couple Dallas - Daja: second place!! :))

Bina's puppies (D litter) got next results:
- Diggy: exc. 2m rCAC;
- Dixie: exc. 3;
- Dallas: exc. 1;



Daja was part of breeding group "Od Strážců hor" (short haired) and won 1. place!!

Dixie - Camila - Dallas - Daja (from left to right)
"Od Strážců hor"

INTERNATIONAL SHOW GRAZ, Austria (08.03.2009); judge: Uschi Eisner (Austria):
- Daja: excellent 1, CACa, rCACIB ;

Daja was first time in intermedia class successful: CAC - rCACIB

NATIONAL SHOW CELJE (22.02.2009); judge: Janez Plestenjak (Slovenia):
- Daja: excellent 1, junior winner, junior BOB, BOB ; on this show Daja fulfil all condotions and become SLOVENIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION !!
- Don (Daja's brother): excellent 1;

On this show was also Come Back od Strážců hor (Bina's grandson) and in junior class got excellent 1 and junior best. With this title he fulfil all conditions and become SLOVENIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!! Congratulations Becki, congratulations Elvis!

Come Back od Strážců hor- new Slovenian junior champion

(foto: Branko Mlakar)

SPECIAL SHOW (17.1.2009); judge: Satu Ylä-Mononen (Finland):
- Bina: excellent 1, CAC, club winner ;
- Daja: excellent 2;

Bina: CAC, club winner

Daja: exc. 2