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(april 2003 - april 2007)

Bobby came to us in summer 2003, only a week after we move to a new house. He came only to holidays, they said for 3 weeks.. but he stayed 4 years. Too short 4 years. He was already my 3rd rabbit and had the most fantastic character: he was not affraid of anything and anybody (he showed to cat first day, that Bobby is the chief), he wasn't sensitive to food, he was the best... First year he was in the house, last three years he spent outside (during winter was still in the house)... togerhet with Bina was educating her first puppies...
He defended before Bina, Bero, he showed to cat who is boss, but he couldn't defended himself before one wild animal...
Bobby, thank you for being like you were...
Bobby, thank you for four beautiful years...


What is this?!?!
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